Hi everyone! I’m Neeva and I’m all about healthy life-style, yoga, meditation, and photography.
For many years I’ve been  – and still am – a photographer. I photographed anything beautiful; from landscapes to fashion. I was lucky enough to have great customers such as Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior, and I got to travel to amazing places such as the Rocky mountains, Paris, New York, Rome and more.

But my journey didn’t end up with photography. As a spiritual seeker, I always looked for the purpose of life. I had many questions, such as: why are we here? What is the meaning of our life?
I learned Buddhism, yoga and Kabbalah. I found many answers, and I’m still learning. I’m a forever student of life.

Shortly after my 40th birthday, I started to suffer from some health issues. The new situation forced me to look into what I eat and how I live my life; it wasn’t long until I started to learn nutrition, adapting a wonderful plant-based diet that helped me to get my health back. Slowly but surely I changed my entire lifestyle, and after reaching my goals I enjoy helping others reach theirs!

I learned nutrition at the Matthew Kenney Culinary Institute in Los Angeles and became certified yoga teacher at 2012. Also, I read hundreds of articles, studies and researches about health, nutrition, spirituality and the connection between them.

Yoga & Spiritually 
I took my first Yoga class back in 2003. One of my friends came back from India and started to offer yoga classes to everyone, and so my first class was a late night one – we had candlelight and warm blankets for a very long Shavasana (corpse pose). It was the first time in my life when I was completely calm. I was hooked!
The years that came after this first class were filled with many more yoga classes and workshops. I learned a lot about meditations and different yoga styles, until the point of taking a yoga teacher-training course at Yoga Tree and become a certified yoga teacher.
As a Kabbalah student since 2002 at the International Kabbalah centre, I learned about Kabbalistic meditations. Kabbalistic meditations are deep and beautiful; they fill your heart with endless joy and harmony.

Paving my way into the healthy eating lifestyle was not easy at all. Looking back, it was almost impossible. There were so many obstacles! I was surrounded by family and friends that couldn’t care less for healthy food! I had to cook for my family every single day, and on weekends I had to host my friends or go to their houses for a big weekend meals and BBQ. Being vegan / healthy eater was almost un-forgiving. What a hell was I thinking??

I kept going up and down on my healthy eating roller coaster; started with no meat first, then no chicken, and a year later – no dairy. Eggs went off the list a year later; fish only two years later. Processed foods were the last to go.

I learned a lot during my journey. Finding myself with a very low iron levels at the first year of eating healthy was a big lesson, and so I learned about nutrition and what should I eat in order to avoid lack of nutrients in my body. It took me a while to adapt my new lifestyle and it took much longer to make everyone around me comfortable: the crazy lady who is eating only healthy food… But the truth is that I have so many food options that I don’t miss the old days at all!

With the time, I found myself helping others by answering many questions and giving guidance to some that were very interested in changing their lifestyle in order to be healthier or thiner or both.

In certain point I felt that this willingness of mine to share my knowledge is so distinctive that people in the supermarket or at the gym came to me and ask questions about nutrition! I was thrilled and knew that I have to make this knowledge more accessible. I had to share my experience and my personal story to inspire others.

Have a wonderful day!


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