Family & Babies Photography Online Course

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Watch this great online workshop about how to take kids and baby photos, and your family photo albums will forever be transformed!!


 What’s in the course?

  • How to take amazing professional-quality family portraits
  • Dealing with newborn photography
  • Capture family lifestyle
  • How to get great candid shots of your family in action
  • Different angles and how they affect the final results
  • Students Reviews

Instructor Neeva Kedem:

Neeva Kedem is a World-renowned Photographer since 1991. Neeva’s professional photography career started in New York city, back in 1991, when she got her first SLR professional camera. New York City mesmerized her and she started to capture every corner of it. About a year later she started to work for a professional photography studio as an assistant, and soon became a professional photographer herself. After opening her own studio, she combined her professional and artistic skills, taking each photo to the next step from a creative point-of-view. Neeva created great pictures for high-end customers such as Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior, and gave photography workshops at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto; her images were published in VOGUE, in-Style and many other magazines and newspapers around the world.



Photography: Neeva Kedem