Fashion Photography Course with Neeva KedemFashion Photography Course with Neeva KedemFashion Photography Course with Neeva KedemFashion Photography Course with Neeva Kedem

Fashion Photography Course with Neeva Kedem

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Unique opportunity to enroll for this online course, led by world-renowned photographer Neeva Kedem.

With its huge audience, high pay-checks and glamorous international lifestyle, fashion photography may seem like one of the world’s most sought-after professions. 
Find out how a world-class online fashion photography course could help you launch a career in the fashion industry.


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 What’s in the course?

  • Video tutorials that you can access whenever you want for 12 months

  • Fashion Photography ebook

  • Course completion certificate

  • Online gallery with your best photos
    Who is this course for?

Ambitious photographers (beginners and advanced) who want to be at the forefront of image-making. If you are a beginner we will add 2 more online courses for you: basic photography and basic studio lighting, with no extra charge.
The course is perfect for those who want to enhance their skills or take their career to the next level.

This course fits you if: you have great ideas, grand visions and the desire to take on the biggest jobs in the fashion industry; if you would like to understand that the role of the photographer is changing, and if you are excited by that challenge. Passion, creativity and commitment are essential.

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A little about instructor Neeva Kedem:

Neeva Kedem is a World-renowned Photographer since 1991. Neeva’s professional photography career started in New York city, back in 1991, when she got her first SLR professional camera. New York City mesmerized her and she started to capture every corner of it. About a year later she started to work for a professional photography studio as an assistant, and soon became a professional photographer herself. After opening her own studio, she combined her professional and artistic skills, taking each photo to the next step from a creative point-of-view. Neeva created great pictures for high-end customers such as Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior, and gave photography workshops at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto; her images were published in VOGUE, in-Style and many other magazines and newspapers around the world.

What will the course cover:

* to thrive in fashion it’s essential that you really understand the industry and your place in it.

* the unique opportunities and challenges of creating fashion imagery, the mindset, skills and body of work.

* the history and future of fashion photography and where you stand in the industry.

* Working with brands: designers, campaigns and the luxury market.

* how to secure the paid jobs that you dream of.

* how to choose the projects that are right for you and your long-term career.

* how to get noticed by high end brands.

*You will learn to create a pitch for a fashion campaign and, in doing so, learn what it takes to impress art directors, ad agencies and clients. This is more than simply creating the right concept for the right brand – it’s about presenting your work in a way that gets their attention.

* Learn how to choose the right editorial assignments to get to the commercial jobs you want.

* Find a balance between your vision and a brand’s identity.

* Discover the best ways to display your portfolio to potential clients.

* Learn how to juggle personal and commercial jobs.

* Start building relationships with advertising agencies and producers.

* Beyond the shoot: portfolios, social media, licensing and archiving

Being a successful fashion photographer is not only about talent and technology. It’s also about smart career planning too!

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How you’ll learn

Anytime, anywhere, for 12 months!

Access course materials around the clock from anywhere in the world, and for as long as you need for 12 months after you register. You will learn from the comfort of your home or office and will have plenty of time to refresh your skills.

Exclusive opportunities

Learning with Neeva is designed to prepare you for a successful, exciting and challenging career in fashion photography, so projects on the course reflect real industry assignments.

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