Weight Loss Program with Neeva Kedem



Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Transformation Program

I don’t believe in short-term diets. They are a bad illusion, leading you to a deep black hole of desperation, where you lose control and gain even more weight later on. I believe in a healthy, happy lifestyle, where the extra weight will simply fade away.

This weight loss program is here to show you the path of healthy eating, but also the path of inner peace and self loving, which are crucial for your success (in anything, may I – not just for weight loss!).

NO “Magic” powders or dangerous pills with long-term side effects! You will learn how to use only natural food ingredients that can be easily found in a near-by market and create your healthy lifestyle by yourself. I’m here to lead you to a better life, not to make you constantly buy an unnecessary packaged products. 

Program Inclusions

  • Yoga practices that emphasize on weight loss (mostly cardio yoga with some restorative yoga): online videos that demonstrate special poses for stress release and for weight lose. Both cardio yoga and restorative yoga are very beneficial for your health. They are very different from one another and each has its own benefits.
  • Breath work & meditation videos.
  • Delicious & nutritious meals plan for weight loss + recipes that are great for everyone; whether you are vegan, vegetarian or eat-all, or if you have allergies or special food restrictions, I will provide you with the perfect meal plan. The meal plans include everything you need to make it easy: from grocery lists to the full recipes.
  • Daily videos that will keep you motivated and happy!
  • Lots of tips and tricks about healthy life style that will help you be the person you want to be! Because you deserve to be healthy, happy and live a fulfilling life!
  • Cost: $375
    Length: 1 week
    Location: Online. You can be anywhere!
    Starting Date: Whenever you are ready!

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