The word YOGA means unity: body and mind, heaven and earth, you and the people around you, you and the divine; therefor, in my classes I emphasize on both physical and spiritual practices. Each and every yoga class contain both vigorous physical workout as well as a guided meditation with special intention for the class.
Having a great yoga body is just one more benefit of the yoga practice; the real benefits are a clear mind, relaxed soul, healthy body and over all: a peace of mind.

I took my first Yoga class back in 2003. One of my friends came back from India and started to offer yoga classes to everyone, and so my first class was a late night one – we had candlelight and warm blankets for a very long Shavasana (corpse pose). It was the first time in my life when I was completely calm. I was hooked!
The years that came after this first class were filled with many more yoga classes and workshops. I learned a lot about meditations and different yoga styles, until the point of taking a yoga teacher-training course at Yoga Tree and become a certified yoga teacher (2012).
As a Kabbalah student since 2002 at the International Kabbalah centre, I learned about Kabbalistic meditations. Kabbalistic meditations are deep and beautiful; they fill your heart with endless joy and harmony.

 Special Yoga Styles & Programs:

  • “Boost Your Metabolism” – a special program that I designed to Increase metabolism with specific yoga postures and sequence
  • Cardio Yoga – vigorous practice that will leave you super-energized and happy!
  • Restorative yoga – I designed a special restorative yoga program that emphasize on the connection of body and soul and is super relaxing

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